Hi, Thank you for visiting my site.

This is Charles and I run this blog wherein I provide tips on losing belly fat.

I had always hated my belly fat and I always wanted to put it off for good. Here I’ll be discussing various ways, products and methods and tips and tricks to do the same and hopefully I’ll help some of you out there struggling with their bulging bellies šŸ™‚

After a few months of climbing 10 flights of stairs to and from work, walking everywhere and joining a local gym I dropped 50lbs. pretty effortlessly. I joined Weight Watchers and tried various diets over the years including Atkins, South Beach, The Day off Diet, The ā€œSā€ Diet, the Fat Flush Diet, the Candida Diet and every other diet in between, but nothing helped me lose weight like consistent exercise.

On this blog some tips involving diet and exercise have been taken from various sources like from fitness books, advice from personal trainers and I put only that advice here that has really helped me.

While, Iā€™m not a nutritionist nor do I condone any one way of eating for weight loss or optimal health. I believe that we have to figure out what works for us.

Happy journey to weight loss!